CHM Maskin AB
Joelsgatan 18, 382 34 Nybro
Tel. 0481-103 06, Fax 0481-180 44

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25 years of experience

CHM Maskin AB is based in Nybro in the region of Småland. The company was founded back in 1986 by owner and Managing Director Mikael Sjökvist.

For 25 years, CHM Maskin AB has offered industrial customers a diverse range of machine construction and components for tailored automation. Numerous machines have been designed and built for customers in a various sectors.

We have recruited talented and responsible workers so that we can offer our customers flexibility, quality and profitable collaborations.

Over the years, the company has accumulated sound experience and expertise in tailored customer solutions.

Renovations and reconstructions

In addition to machine construction, we have a complete workshop for different types of electrical and welding jobs, renovations or reconstruction assignments.

We are highly flexible and can handle both urgent jobs and jobs that are planned more long term. Our experience has taught us to quickly reset and adjust to the needs and preferences of our customers. No job is too small for us.

Creative problem solving

CHM Maskin AB is renowned as problem solvers in machine construction for tailored automation. Additional functions, machine segments that have to be adapted for logistics or space purposes, or new features – whatever your needs, we can handle them!

Quality assurance

We carefully check every job against the specifications and drawings. Operation and functions testing is done on site before the final product is delivered.

We deliver turn-key equipment, complete with training, documentation and CE labelling.

”We’re here for you!”